Who Are We

LaCOR consists of multiple community-wide entities, both public and private, working collectively to identify available resources, plan, and execute programs centered on the development of adjudicated persons. 



LaCOR’s mission is to reclaim, refocus and redirect justice-involved persons to opportunities and resources that will assist them in obtaining education/training, treatment, employment, and community support.



LaCOR’s vision is to empower disadvantaged persons to become self-sufficient, law-abiding, and productive members of society. By providing essential resources, we encourage justice-involved citizens to share a common goal with society, which is to succeed thus reducing recidivism.

Dr. Raymond Delaney Jr.

President | CEO of LaCOR

Juanita Squall Johnson

Hope Center Inc.|Case Manager/Mental Health Specialist

Brenda McGee

Community Member | Retired Case Manager/Human Services

Roxanne Modica

Board Member | Executive Director of Acidom Medical Services | Behavior and Mental Health Services

Priest Cormier

Program Director LaCOR

Reashell Lee

​Community Outreach|Voluteer Coordinator LaCOR

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Ronjae Mott

Community Member|Human Services

Dr. Ashraf Esmail

Program Chair for Criminal Justice @ Dillard University

Jill Downes

Adviser to the board| Juvenile Probation and Parole

Kevin Lopez

Case Manager|Peer Support Specialist LaCOR

Karen Boseman

Case Manager|Housing LaCOR

Sheldon Williams

Professional Development|Training Coordinator LaCOR

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